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Free Guided Walk on the Heart Trail

The Heart Trail

Developed by Taylor Jacobsen,  premiered at the 2019 Ebb & Flow Festival the Heart Trail ( https://www.yourhearttrail.com/baton-rouge-la ) is first, a heart healthy exercise route that meanders around downtown Baton Rouge. And it's so much more!

Starting by "Sing the River" the reflecting sculpture located downtown on the levee of the Mississippi River, donated by the Baton Rouge Rotary Club to celebrate the local chapter's centennial the trail goes for 3.1 miles to finish where it begins.

It travels through natural settings, the business district, the offices of state government, the city's oldest neighborhoods, and beautiful landscapes that change with the seasons.

At a relaxed pace (30 minutes per mile) the guide will outline Red Stick history, talk about development for the future and answer your questions.

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This free tour is great for visitors and locals alike. Join us and Enjoy Baton Rouge.

This is a limited time offer until July 31, 2020.

Untitled (Elements of Government", 1955 Mosaic Mural - Conrad Albrizio

enjoy fine art to folk art in Downtown baton rouge

Art in Downtown Baton Rouge


The Art Tour expands on our sightseeing tours to showcase expressions in differing art forms. Spread, displayed in locations from north of the Capital Lakes to south of South Blvd.

Downtown Baton Rouge has a plentiful and rich diversity of art. From north of the State Capitol to south of South Blvd hidden in plain sight and displayed off the beaten path art is celebrated. Some of the art was commissioned to decorate public buildings. Some was rescued from storm ravaged buildings marked for destruction after Katrina. This eclectic display is showcased in many forms, created by a galaxy of famous artists. 

Art in the city is highlighted annually by the Ebb & Flow Festival and sustained throughout the year by visiting exhibits at the LSU Museum of Art, the Louisiana Arts and Science Museum and in other community locations.

Some of the artists featured are Ivan Mestrovich, Conrad Albrezio, Frank Hayden, Clementine Hunter and Baton Rouge native Adelaide Brent.

Art Stroll

Stroll Downtown at a leisurely pace. From North to South enjoy works that decorate government buildings, the landscape and displays tucked in out of the way places.

Pause for refreshments and continue your experience in Art Museums.

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