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Downtown Baton Rouge

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Native American, French, British, Spanish, American, Confederate, Union, Standard Oil, Huey Long, L.S.U. ... there's much to see in the Capital City. So, take your time, walk with us, look around, and learn about Baton Rouge.  

Enjoy Baton Rouge walking tours are highly personalized and can be easily tailored to your special interests. Tours can be combined or extended to urban hikes, or turned into food tours.

Your schedule is our schedule. Set an appointment for whatever time of day you prefer.

Baton Rouge is a beautiful city and we love to show it off. Let us connect visitors with the city's past, present and future.

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New State Capitol Area

See the sites and hear the history

New State Capitol

Huey Long's Gravesite

Pentagon Barracks

Arsenal Grounds

Ceremonial Mound

Spanish Town

St. Joseph's Cathedral

Fort Sumpter Saloon ... and more!

How many Flags have flown over Baton Rouge?

What unusual feature do the Old and New Capitols share?

What makes "Spanish Town" so unique?

Panoramic Views

From the New State Capitol's observation deck on the 27th floor and ground level, walking the sites listed you'll get a great feel for the city.

90-minute tour  |  $25 per person

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Old State Capitol Area

See the sites and hear the history

Old State Capitol

Shaw Center for the Arts

Galvez Plaza

North Boulevard

City Club

Old Governor's Mansion

Mississippi River

Louisiana Arts and Science Museum

Catfish Town

Beauregard Town ... and more!

What unique and unusual characteristic do the Old and New State Capitol  grounds share?

Where is that coffee smell coming from?

Where was the first Governor's Mansion?

Up Close & Personal

Through the lens of history, and walking the Beauregard Town neighborhood you'll get a great feel for the city. Our sightseeing tours take you up close and personal!

 90-minute tour  |  $25 per person 

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Capital City Food Tours

Tour Downtown Sites and Taste Delicious Morsels at 5 Outstanding Downtown Restaurants

Walls Project

Ivan Mestrovic Art Works

Shaw Center for the Arts

Galvez Plaza

Heidelberg Hotel

Capitol Park

Old Governor's Mansion

Mississippi Riverwalk

Louisiana Arts and Science Museum

Spanish Town

Up Close & Personal

Taste, touch, see, smell and hear Downtown. Our food tour will take you up close and personal!

Hear the story behind the food and the chefs who create the dishes!

 2.5 - 3.0 hour tour  |  $60 per person  

6 person minimum 

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Please wear comfortable shoes and dress for the weather. 

Tours are by appointment and each tour is approximately 90 minutes long.

Transportation is not provided. We will meet at a designated location and begin our walk from there.

Call or Email to schedule your tour!

Enjoy Baton Rouge

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